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Kate Robbins Wikipedia summary

Explain this like I am 5:-
Kate Robbins is a famous person who can do a lot of cool things. She can sing and write songs, and even act in movies and TV shows. She is related to Paul McCartney, who is a famous singer, and she has a lot of brothers and sisters. She even had a song that was very popular in the UK. She has made lots of music and movies that people like to watch and listen to.

Explain this in detail in the form of a story:

Shirley Temple was a famous child star in Hollywood from 1934 to 1938. She was known for her singing, dancing, and acting talents, and starred in many movies, including Now and Forever, The Little Colonel, Our Little Girl, Curly Top, and The Littlest Rebel. She was so popular that she even had her own radio show called Junior Miss.
In the early 1980s, she released a single that made it into the top ten in the UK. Her career was gaining momentum and she was soon asked to be a voice actor in the popular show, Spitting Image.
Kate continued to pursue her acting, singing and songwriting career and has since acted in many films and TV shows. She has also released three albums.
What are the 7 points that I must know about this article?

1. Kate Robbins is an English
actress, singer and songwriter.

2. She had a top ten hit single in the UK in the early 1980s.

3. She was a voice actor in the show Spitting Image.

4. She is related to Paul

5. She is the sister of Ted Robbins, Amy Robbins, Jane Robbins and Emma Robbins.

6. She has acted in many films and TV shows and released three albums.

7. She is a successful performer in the music, film and television industries.

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