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David Portnoy Wikipedia summary

Explain this like I am 5:-
David Portnoy is a grown-up who likes sports and fun things. He started a website called Barstool Sports where people can read about sports and other things. He also likes to review pizza restaurants. Sometimes he gets into trouble because of the things he does and says.

Explain this in detail in the form of a story:

David Portnoy was born and raised in Massachusetts, and he attended college in Michigan. Growing up, he was always interested in sports and pop culture, so when he graduated college, he decided to combine his passions and start his own blog. He called it Barstool Sports and it quickly gained popularity among young men.
As his blog grew, David began to review pizza restaurants and became involved in politics, often expressing his opinions on the topics. This made him a controversial figure, and he was even arrested at one point. Additionally, there were allegations of sexual misconduct against him.
Despite the controversy, Barstool Sports continues to be popular, and David is still running the blog and expressing his opinions. He has become a well-known figure in the sports and pop culture world, and his influence continues to grow.
What are the 7 points that I must know about this article?

1. David Portnoy is an American blogger and founder of the sports and pop culture blog Barstool Sports.

2. He grew up in Massachusetts and went to college in Michigan.

3. He started Barstool Sports in 2003 and it became popular with young men.

4. He also reviews pizza restaurants.

5. He has been involved in politics.

6. He has had some controversy in his life, including being arrested and sexual misconduct allegations.

7. He is popular with young men.

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